Dog Ink Collars

Breed Specific Collars and Leashes

Made in the USA
Made in the USA

Welcome to Dog Ink Collars, home to our exclusive breed-specific dog collars and leashes.  Our
trims feature more than fifty breeds.  The designs are woven into ribbons which are sewn onto
nylon webbing.  The collars are adjustable and machine washable.  Collars have quick release
heavy duty fasteners.  Leashes, with the ribbon running all along them, have nickel plated steel
hardware and are available in either four or six foot lengths.

Products Available


Dog Ink Collars PBGV Red


Dog Ink Collars Westie Playful Blue


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Collar Sizes:
Small – 7″ – 11″ – 1/2″ wide
Medium – 10″ – 16″ – 3/4″ wide
Medium Plus – 11″ – 19″ – 3/4″ wide
Large – 12″ – 20″ – 1″ wide
X Large – 13″ – 26″ – 1″ wide
XX Large – 23″ – 32″ – 1″ wide

Martingale Collars are also available.

Collars listed are our standard sizes and color
options but you may request the same trim on different
lengths or different color webbing – please allow
additional time for shipping.

Please contact us for wholesale prices.
Make great fundraiser or trophies for your club or rescue